Pneumatic atomizers

These series serve to mix up pressurized air or gas together with a liquid supplied either under pressure to the nozzle, by using the gravity liquid-falling system under the gravitional force or finally by adopting the siphon suction system. They provide the best obtainable liquid product atomization with the possibility of producing extremely fine droplets having the least diametre of about 10 microns. The various spray patterns shown on the following pages are formed by a combination of liquid and air or gas spray caps which are perfectly interchangeable. Different flow capacities from the ones illustrated on the data tables can be obtained by simply substituting both the liquid and the air caps or just one of them with their respective differently code-numbered liquid or air caps in order to create a new combination spray nozzle set-up.


Humidification in places where a constant level of humidity is required (textile industry), spraying of high-viscosity liquids, glue spraying, gas cooling, evaporative cooling, film coating, spraying for drying purposes in chemical industries, protein spraying, lubrification, etc.


Nickel-plated brass, stainless steel AISI 303, stainless steel AISI 316, PVC and lucite. Different product materials are supplied upon specific request.

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